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6-person family tent



366 x 275 x 220cm (width x length x peak height)

Introducing our Cabin tent series. Ideal for the family holiday. Cabin tents are the traditional yesteryear canvas tent, designed for today. Combining the popular cabin style with the latest design and comforts, they’re the perfect option when you’re after generous living space in a strong, sturdy structure. Our canvas tents feature Hydra-Shied Kodiak Canvas, Vinyl floors and galvanized poles, plus a carry bag, ropes, pegs and awning poles; everything you need to get up and go!

We have added large windows on both ends. The extra windows give you extra Ventilation and extra openness and Views. This feature is a must when camping in hot summer weather, allowing you to really open the tent up. When conditions change, simply zip the windows shut from the inside.




J  Hydra-Shield, 100% Army Cotton Duck Canvas. Durable, watertight and breathable.

J  Sturdy frame with reinforced welded corner braces.

J  Spacious 220cm peak ceiling height and steep walls. Standup, walk-around comfort.

J  Deluxe Awning 240cm x 240cm with steel frame (option to set up with or without awning).

J  Large D-shaped front door and side entry with #10 zippers

J  Five large windows with no-see-um mesh. Provides openness and superb ventilation.

J  Side wall rolls up or extends out with poles to convert into a small awning.

J  Customizable organizer pockets

J  Heavy-duty 12-inch steel rod stakes.

J  Sturdy Zippered storage bag




?  Pack Weight: 47kg ( Tent skin 21.5kg; Poles 25.5kg)

?  Pack Size:  Tent – 96cm (L) x 40cm (D);  Poles – 120cm (L) x 18cm (D)

?  Ceiling Material: 10oz Hydra-shield canvas

?  Wall Material: 8.5oz Hydra-shield canvas

?  Floor Material: 460gsm vinyl. Polyester reinforced.

?  Frame: 1-inch, galvanized steel tubing and awning poles

?  All-season: Use year-round

?  Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty




Additional Options (Sold Separately):

# 0591 Ground Tarp

# 0650 Wall enclosure and vinyl floor

# 0904 Strap-and-Cinch Tent Bag

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